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Contact Centre industry association Auscontact launches new academy

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The contact center industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, with an increasing number of companies relying on contact centers to provide customer support, sales, and other services. With this growth comes an increasing need for skilled professionals who can work in these environments, and the Auscontact Academy aims to meet that need.

At Auscontact Practitioners Symposium in Brisbane on 9th May 2023, the Auscontact Academy was officially launched, with Academy Inc Managing Director, Hana Jebeile, and Fran Southward, the CEO of Auscontact. The Academy is an industry-based cohort focused on engaging, retaining, and attracting people to the contact center industry. With a focus on learning and development, career path progression opportunities, and employee engagement initiatives, the Academy aims to create clear career paths for contact center professionals.

Hana Jebeile, who started off her career at CCC, one of the world’s best career progression companies, credits her success to the opportunities for learning and development that she had. She believes that “going to University is not the only way to build a career” and emphasises the importance of both credited and non-accredited structured learning.

At the official launch of the Auscontact Academy at the Auscontact Practitioner Symposium at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hana Jebeile spoke about her own experience and the importance of learning and development in your career. “On my first day at St George Bank, when those lift doors opened, I realised I could see my career in front of me,” said Jebeile. St George Bank invested heavily in employee learning and Development. “From the experience I had working at St George Bank, I realized that learning and development, career path progression opportunities, employee engagement initiatives – these are all important for employees.”

Fran Southward, the CEO of Auscontact, spoke about the challenges around attraction and long-term attrition in the contact center industry and the need for a new value proposition for new starters in organisations. “We need to create excitement around opportunity and potential,” said Southward. “The Auscontact Academy is all about engaging, retaining, and attracting people to your business and the contact center industry.”

The Academy provides a safe space for employees to discuss their experiences with employee retention and offers opportunities to build capability and incentivise employees. It also provides access to Certificate 2, 3, and 4, as well as a Diploma in the contact center industry, creating clear pathways and pipelines for organisations to tap into.

Mobile training is an essential component of the Auscontact Academy, making it easy and engaging for people to learn. The Academy offers two streams, Operations, covering customer service, sales, and communication – to set people up for jobs anywhere. Critical thinking and teamwork are also emphasised as part of the Auscontact Academy. The second stream focuses on Leadership covering Service Leaders and Operations Leaders, providing opportunities for people to take on different roles within the industry.

Southward believes that the Academy will help organisations attract and retain employees while also enhancing their contact center capabilities. “We need to give a new value proposition to new starters in organisations,” said Southward. “Positive internal attrition is critical to creating a leading customer-centric culture.”

The Auscontact Academy is an excellent way for organisations to invest in employee learning and development, creating clear career progression paths for their employees. With a skilled and engaged workforce, contact centers can provide excellent customer service, increase sales, and contribute to the overall success of the organisation.


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