Contact Centre Magazine Online Edition – Editorial Submissions Brief


Contact Centre Magazine, the premier publication for the contact centre industry in the Asia Pacific region, invites thought leaders, industry experts, and practitioners to contribute to our online edition. Our mission is to provide our readers with educational, informative content that sheds light on the latest trends, data, and innovations within the contact centre landscape.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Content Focus: We seek submissions that are educational, informative, or share new data related to the contact centre industry. Topics may include but are not limited to customer experience strategies, technological advancements, workforce management, and industry best practices. We encourage contributors to explore unique perspectives and insights that will add value to our professional community.
  • Non-Sales Oriented: Submissions must strictly be non-sales oriented. The objective is to contribute knowledge and insights to the industry, rather than promote a product or service. Articles should be written in an objective tone, focusing on adding value through information sharing and industry analysis.
  • Story Length: Each submission must be between 800 to 1200 words. This range allows for in-depth exploration of topics while maintaining reader engagement.
  • Author Bio: Please include a brief bio of the author (100 words maximum). This bio should highlight the author’s expertise, current role, and significant achievements in the contact centre industry. Links to professional profiles or publications are encouraged (limit to one hyperlink).
  • Hyperlinks: Articles may include up to three hyperlinks. These links should provide additional information relevant to the content, such as research studies, industry reports, or related articles. Links to promotional content or sales pages are strictly prohibited.
  • Images:

Author Image: A high-resolution portrait of the author must accompany each submission. This image helps personalize your article and connect with our readers.

Story Image: Each article should include one high-quality image relevant to the topic. Images must be a minimum of 800×600 pixels to ensure clarity on our platform. Please ensure you have the rights to use the image or it is royalty-free.

Submission Process:

Submissions should be sent via email to [], formatted as a Word document or PDF. Please include “Editorial Submission” in the subject line. Attach the author’s image and story image separately; do not embed them in the document.

Review and Publication:

Our editorial team will review submissions based on relevance, originality, and insight. Not all submissions will be published. If your article is selected, you will receive an email confirmation, and our team may contact you for further details or clarifications. The publication timeline varies, and we will communicate expected publication dates upon acceptance.

Ethical Guidelines:

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in publishing and expect our contributors to do the same. Submissions must be the original work of the author and not previously published elsewhere. Proper attribution of data, quotes, and secondary research is mandatory.


For questions regarding submissions or editorial guidelines, please contact the editorial team at