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Top 100 Influencers in The Contact Centre Industry: Next 20

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We are proud to present the next 20 influencers who have driven change in the contact centre industry. Their exceptional leadership and innovation have been recognised, and we are proud to showcase their accomplishments.


Lyn Trewenack – Director at BBB Advisory

Lyn Trewenack is a contact centre executive with over 25 years’ experience establishing and managing large and complex customer facing operations. Lyn has worked across multiple industries including banking, insurance, and telecommunications. She has used that operational experience and coupled it with project management rigour to establish new award-winning contact centres and manage customer focused business transformations. Working with some of the world’s leading brands including Virgin, Citibank, Westpac, and Suncorp, along with local Government bodies, Lyn is a respected leader and trusted mentor with a track record in creating sustainable outcomes. You will see Lyn speaking at industry events, participating in customer experience discussions and debates, consistently challenging companies on how they deliver and measure the customer journey. Lyn is an absolute powerhouse within the contact centre industry, a fierce advocate for the continued development and evolution of the customer experience and a committed coach and mentor to emerging talent across the industry. Lyn sits on the Qld state Committee for Auscontact and continues to influence the direction of the industry in everything she does.

Christine Gourdoulis – Head of Contact Centres at 13Cabs

Christine Gourdoulis is the Head of Contact Centres for 13cabs. With over 15 years’ experience in the customer care field, Christine has a deep understanding of the contact centre environment and the customer. Having worked for large organisations including Optus, and Serco where she worked on multiple government accounts, Christine has a learning and development background that comes through in her leadership style. Christine is generous with her time, supports others in the industry and is well respected by peers and colleagues. Christine is invested in transforming the customer experience and builds workforce capability that is committed to service excellence. A highly passionate, driven and motivated people leader, Christine is one to watch.


Todd Gorsuch – Chief Executive Officer of Customer Science

Todd Gorsuch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Customer Science, a boutique consulting and professional services firm supporting the contact centre industry. For more than 25 years Todd has worked with organisations to transform the contact centre service and customer experience. Working across all industries and with public and private organisations, Todd has delivered customer service transformation, driving enhanced customer outcomes, increased revenue, streamlined operating models and re-engineered business processes. With a passion for optimised service, Todd works with organisations throughout the industry, building the skills and capabilities resulting in a lasting legacy. Todd is an avid supporter of the contact centre industry, he is a Member of the NSW Auscontact committee, provides thought leadership across a range of topics and is invested in fostering emerging talent. Todd has worked with some iconic organisations including Service NSW, the ATO, HammondCare, the University of Sydney, and more to help them realise efficiencies, and achieve their customer service vision. Deep industry knowledge, coupled with a passion to help others learn and develop, sees Todd as a key part of our top 100 influencers.


Mike Powrie – Chief Executive Officer of Cloudwave

Mike Powrie is the Managing Director of technology company, CloudWave, which started to combat old world contact centre technology delivery. Seeing expensive, rigid products that were hard to integrate and were outdated as soon as they were purchased, Mike decided to disrupt the market. CloudWave was born to do something completely revolutionary – using best of breed cloud vendors such as AWS, Twilio and Google, CloudWave used cloud engineering “Lego blocks” to give customers a completely tailored, unique value proposition at scale. CloudWave is renowned for being on the cusp of CX and CCaaS innovation. CloudWave remain a trailblazing organisation, having navigated economic downturns, they continue to innovate and grow at an incredible rate. Investing heavily into developing their own IP with an ever growing stable of CX products. The CloudWave technology has had a huge impact on shaping an enhanced day to day experience for agents and contact centre managers by providing critical data required to help in real time. Disrupting the standard operating practice with innovative design, people centred design and a passion for solving problems, Mike continues to challenge everyone at CloudWave to innovate and challenge the status quo. A definite influencer within the industry, Mike runs a series of videos on hot topics related to CX, is a proud Gold Sponsor of Auscontact and continues to invest in success across the industry.


Mellissah Smith – Founder & CEO of Marketing Eye

Mellissah Smith is a highly experienced marketing specialist and influencer in the contact centre and tech sectors globally. As the CEO of Marketing Eye, she has a proven track record of helping businesses to improve their customer engagement and drive revenue growth through innovative marketing strategies. Mellissah brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the latest marketing trends and technologies to her work and is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the field. With a strong focus on customer-centric marketing, CX and a passion for driving business success, Mellissah is a respected and influential figure in the contact centre and tech sectors, known for her ability to help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve. She recently won “Innovator of the Year” and is a global Adobe Influencer.


Ian Aitchison – Chief Executive Officer of COPC

Ian Aitchison is the Chief Executive Officer of COPC, the leading customer experience consultancy business in APAC. Ian supports organisations throughout the region to improve their customer experience related operations through training, consulting, research and operational certification. Ian is a well-known leader within the contact centre industry, a research partner with Auscontact and other key industry organisations, Ian provides insights from research, supporting organisational growth and building awareness of best practice across the region. Ian is often seen at industry events, provides thought leadership on the industry, and is a respected voice in relation to all things that impact the customer experience. Ian has a deep understanding of the customer experience, he is a long-term industry leader who continues to challenge the status quo.


Rachel Aziz – Chief People and Culture Officer of Recoveriescorp

Rachel Aziz is the Chief People and Culture Officer at Recoveriescorp where she is renowned for her passion for people and organisational success. Rachel is a people-centric executive leader and provides strategic HR and operational leadership across all layers of the Recoveriescorp organisation. Responsible for the people, performance and culture, Rachel leads a team of HR professionals across the Asia Pacific region to support a dynamic and expanding portfolio. Rachel has a track record of driving sustainable change across geographically dispersed locations and has proven that a focus on people, drives successful business outcomes. An authentic, strong leader, Rachel is often asked to present at industry events and conferences where she shares key insights that support and enhance peers and colleagues across the environment. Rachel is a champion for change, is committed to building diverse, inclusive workplace cultures that embrace employees and foster engagement. Rachel supports the contact centre industry in Australia through her role as a Director on the Auscontact Board.


Grant Brodie – Deputy Commissioner Client Account Services at ATO

Grant Brodie is the Deputy Commissioner of Client Account Services at the Australian Taxation Office. He is a collaborative, influential and visionary leader who cares deeply about his people, his customers, and his role of delivering services on behalf of government. Grant has successfully transitioned from a successful retail career to a high-profile public-sector role, where he arguably delivers one of the most seasonal support services in the country for the Australian community. With over 30 years’ experience leading large teams in fast-moving, changing environments, Grant inspires, motivates, engages, and empowers those around him. Leading a hybrid insource-outsource delivery model, Grant partners with large BPOs to support Australians meet their tax, superannuation, and registry obligations. Committed to building strong and engaged cultures, Grant is heavily invested in recognition, celebrating success, and building performance outcomes through strong people measures. A respected influencer within the public sector, Grant nurtures talent, invests in people and supports the broader contact centre industry.


Sharon Melamed – Founder & CEO of Matchboard

Sharon Melamed is a Sydney-based entrepreneur and Founder of Matchboard, a matchmaking platform for the contact centre industry, named by Optus as Australia’s Business of the Year and by Westpac as 1 of 200 Businesses of Tomorrow. Sharon spent 23 years in sales for global outsourcing companies, before launching her business, Matchboard in 2012, followed by FindaConsultant in 2014. Both are unique online businesses matching buyers and suppliers in different niches. Sharon is a contact centre expert who has spent her career supporting others within the industry. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, provides support to emerging leaders through guidance and mentoring, and advocates for the growth of the contact centre industry and optimised customer experiences. Sharon speaks 5 languages, and is recognised for her skills and knowledge within the industry nationally and internationally. A powerhouse and successful tech entrepreneur.


Linda Boyd – Founder & CEO of Kleu

Linda Boyd is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of KLEU, an AI-powered digital coach for workplaces, which builds the emotional fitness of employees on scale. Linda has a long relationship with the contact centre industry, having previously founded human capital consultancy FuturePeople which placed more than 30,000 employees into employment in contact centres nationally. Linda has now shifted her focus to solving the problem of burnout, disconnection and stress in the workplace, leading to the formation of KLEU; a social impact venture. Linda has been recognised for her transformational work with numerous awards for KLEU including a winner of the NSW Government’s 2021 R&D Innovation Challenge for ‘Economic Resilience and Recovery’, and ‘Best New Technology Innovation in APAC’. Linda is a long-standing Member and supporter of Auscontact, she advocates for emerging leaders and invests heavily in the success of the contact centre industry. Linda has built a career that has led to a focus on helping organisations to empower leaders and individuals with the knowledge and tools to fulfil their highest potential as human beings, at work and in life.

Sean Mather – Executive Chairman at Omada One

Sean Mather is the Executive Chairman, Omada One and is the Chair of the Auscontact Association Board. Sean has over 32 years’ experience in the ICT and Contact Centre industries, including over 20 years’ experience as a senior executive in contact centre technology companies and business solutions. Sean has managed and implemented contact centre programs that include internal process improvement, operational effectiveness, service improvement and technology selection projects. Sean has been responsible for contact centres across Australia and Asia Pacific most recently creating the disruptive start-up BPO service in Omada One. Sean has a deep and practical understanding of how contact centres embrace processes and technology in today’s complex environment. An expert in contact centre strategy, solution design, technology, project development, implementation, and governance, Sean has been contributing to the Australian contact centre industry through positions on boards, State committees and now as the Chair of the Auscontact Association. His commitment and passion for the industry is obvious, he is a sought-after speaker at industry events where he shares his experience, knowledge, and advice. Sean is a permanent fixture in the Australian contact centre industry.

Tanya Eglinton – General Manager Customer Contact at Bank of Queensland

Tanya Eglinton is the General Manager Customer Contact at the Bank of Queensland. A human centred and passionate leader with more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, Tanya has held senior leadership roles in multiple high-profile organisations, predominantly in the financial services sector. Tanya is an innovative, transformational leader who has extensive experience setting up contact centres, shifting operating models, offshore centre deployments, technology refresh and implementations, to name a few. A strong advocate for the contact centre industry and fostering talent, Tanya supports emerging talent through mentoring and coaching, and is incredibly generous with her expertise and time. Tanya gets excited about leading change and looks for ways to continuously improve business performance. Tanya can often be seen delivering key note speeches at industry conferences, participating in thought leadership events, and attending industry functions. Tanya is a Non-Executive Director on the Auscontact Board and a mover and shaker in the contact centre industry.


Tracey Madgwick – Executive Director, Operations and Improvement at Smart Service QLD

Tracey Madgwick is the Executive Director, Operations, and Improvement at Smart Service Qld. With more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, Tracey is a recognised force in the Queensland sector. A senior professional with extensive leadership and business management experience, Tracey is passionate about business transformation that enhances the customer experience and delivers quality outcomes. Throughout her career, Tracey has built a strong network and been committed to helping shape and grow the contact centre industry through representation on various committees and was elected as a Non-Executive Director to the Auscontact board in 2019. Tracey has worked across the private and public sector; she is a passionate people leader and invests in developing her staff to reach their full potential. Tracey can often be seen speaking at industry events and conferences, sharing her experience and insights generously.


Matt Penman – General Manager, Customer Service at Auto and General 

Matt Penman is the General Manager, Customer Service for Auto and General Insurance Services. He has been actively involved in the contact centre industry for the last 20 years and his passion for the industry has driven his involvement in the ATA and now Auscontact Association since 2006. Matt was a recipient of the Cisco ATA Bursary Future Leaders award in 2012 and served as the Auscontact Qld State Committee Chairperson from 2017 to 2020. Matt is a highly skilled and customer-focused senior leader with key experience in training, managing and motivating top-performing sales and service teams to ensure outstanding customer care. He possesses a wide range of knowledge and experience across government and private enterprises and has experience in both outsourcing and offshoring, having spent a year in South Africa building a 150-seat contact centre. He is a strong advocate for customer excellence, he drives strategic transformation projects, managing the overall customer service functionality to maximise growth and productivity. A long-term contributor to the contact centre industry in Australia, Matt can be seen at industry conferences and events sharing his insights, expertise and opinion, helping to shape the conversation within the industry.


Paul Wright – Head of Customer Care at Futurity

Paul Wright is the Head of Customer Care at Futurity Investment Group. Managing large 24/7 contact centres, Paul has successfully combined back office administration, strategic planning and service improvement, delivering strong organisational success. Paul is an astute change manager; he has a genuine passion for delivering high-quality customer services and building successful teams. Paul has outstanding people management skills and empowers his teams to problem solve and innovate. He has been a Director on the Auscontact Association Board for the last 5 years, where he is invested in supporting the strategic growth of the contact centre industry. Paul is generous with his expertise, is often seen contributing to industry thought leadership and presenting at industry events.


Peter Grist – Managing Director at GRIST

Peter Grist is the Managing Director of GRIST and is an accomplished change management consultant with years of expertise assisting businesses reach their objectives. Peter is renowned for his creative solutions and his capacity to forge long-lasting relationships with clients. He has a deep understanding of the contact centre environment and the customer experience, and a passion for helping organisations optimise their operations. He has a thorough awareness of the business environment and a focus on producing outcomes. Peter is committed to assisting organisations in reaching their maximum potential, whether it be through strategic planning, process improvement, or change management. Peter understands the ‘art’ of a customer interaction, identifying ways that organisations can enhance, optimise or change the way interactions are conducted with customers to drive efficiencies and improve the staff and customer experience. Peter will often be seen speaking at industry events and conferences, sharing his insights and challenging organisations to think more about the customer interaction. A well respected, industry professional with deep reach and impact.


Tim Powell – Head of National Contact Centres & Payments at Teachers Mutual Bank

Tim Powell is the Head of National Contact Centres and Payments at Teachers Mutual Bank. An award winning CX leader with more than 25 years’ experience working strategically and operationally across contact centres, and customer experience teams within the banking and financial services sector both here in Australia and in the UK. Tim has a strong understanding of the impact of new and emerging technologies within the industry, he successfully connects his people to organisational purpose and empowers them to advocate for their customers. Tim invests heavily in his people, focused on developing and challenging them to grow, thrive and go on to develop others. Well respected across the contact centre industry, Tim is a dedicated advocate of the contact centre industry and the value it presents to organisations when delivered well. Tim is a Non-Executive Director of the Auscontact board, he can often be seen presenting at industry events and conferences throughout the region. A thoughtful leader, practitioner and contact centre expert. Tim Powell is an asset to any organisation.


Luke Jamieson – CX EX Thought Leader

Luke Jamieson is an expert on customer experience and was named one of the top 25 global influencers and thought leaders on the subject. He is a highly visible and active contributor to the customer experience conversation, a sought-after public speaker, a blogger, and podcaster. Luke is high energy, creative, and refreshing. Luke is a passionate advocate for gamification, promotes the values of engagement and looks for any opportunity to improve the customer experience. Luke is a member of several advisory boards including ACXPA, and Beyond Blue, where he generously gives back to the community. A well-respected contributor and advocate for CX, Luke was named in the Top 100 CX thought leaders in 2021.


Paul Smith – Chief Executive Officer of Citrus Group

Paul Smith is the Co-Founder and CEO of Citrus Group, a leading staffing and recruitment firm specialising in the contact centre industry. A very successful businessman, Paul has over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment industry and has assisted hundreds of clients navigate the challenging environment of strategic recruitment. Paul has built Citrus Group into one of the top contact centre recruitment companies in Australia. Paul and his team have built a customer-centric strategy that sets Citrus Group apart within the sector, with a focus on innovation and a deep understanding of the market. Paul is recognised an industry leader, the Citrus Group under his direction, attracts top talent in the sector. Paul has established an outstanding network of industry leaders and contacts across the private and public sectors, he offers a wealth of expert knowledge on industry insights, trends, and developments. Paul is heavily invested in the contact centre industry; he funds industry research and is often seen speaking and sharing insights at industry forums. A definite industry heavyweight, who is an advocate for the application of industry best practice across the board.


Simon Kriss – Director, Innovation and Growth at Serco

Simon Kriss is the Director, Innovation and Growth at Serco. An accomplished CEO, Simon has a wealth of knowledge in managing and reshaping businesses. Simon brings a strategic and customer-focused approach to Serco as a leader to spur growth and boost operational effectiveness. Simon is driven to delivering excellent results and having a positive impact on stakeholders, customers, and workers. He has a passion for innovation and a commitment to perfection. He excels in leading change in a hectic, dynamic workplace, managing challenging projects, and builds strong and effective teams. Simon is a crucial member of the Serco team and a vital contributor to the success of the company due to his experience, leadership, and vision. Simon has been a part of the contact centre industry in APAC for more than 25 years, through roles on boards and state committees for industry bodies. He is passionate about the customer experience and supporting organisations to optimise interactions to build long-term relationships. You will often see Simon presenting at key industry events, conferences and his blogs and articles are well read across APAC. Simon supports emerging talent, is invested in innovating and challenging contact centres to grow and change in line with the dynamic environment we are in. A powerful influencing voice in the contact centre industry.

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