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Top 100 Influencers in The Contact Centre Industry: Next 20

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Continuing our series on the Top 100 Influencers in the Contact Centre Industry, we are excited to present another group of 20 individuals who have left a lasting impact on the industry. Through their passion, hard work, and innovative ideas, they have helped shape the future of customer experience.

Kim Thirkle – Business Sales Capability Manager at Synergy

Kim Thirkle is the Business Sales Capability Manager at Synergy. An exceptional people leader, Kim engages, empowers, and challenges her team to be curious, and challenge the status quo. With almost 20 years in the contact centre and customer experience industry, Kim has a deep passion for exceptional customer service. Kim has built an amazing and successful team, is part of an award-winning organisation where her leadership skills continue to contribute to growth and organisational success. Kim is heavily invested in supporting emerging leaders and talent, she provides mentoring, coaching and leadership advice, is active at industry events and is well respected in the industry. An exciting and passionate leader, Kim is ensuring that her people feel valued and supported as they grow the capabilities needed to succeed. Definitely a leader to watch.

Mark Atterby – Publisher at CX Focus Magazine

Mark Atterby is the Publisher of CX Focus Magazine. With more than 15 years media and marketing experience, Mark showcases innovation, emerging leaders, thought leadership and technology across the CX landscape. CX Focus explores key issues around customer experience and digital disruption. Mark showcases the latest news, special reports, case studies, blogs, and videos, showcasing trends in Australia and internationally. Insights with movers and shakers across the environment, Mark raises awareness and gives a platform to individuals doing great things for customers.


Monica Ryan – Vice President, Customer Delivery ANZ of Concentrix

Monica Ryan is the Vice President, Customer Delivery ANZ for Concentrix. A strategic leader with more than 20 years’ experience within the contact centre industry, Monica is a strong, knowledgeable expert who challenges the industry to innovate and grow. Monica leads the delivery of all people, client and business outcomes for Concentrix across sites within Australia and New Zealand. A commercial strategist, Monica has extensive experience across the BPO market, has a deep understanding of customer and builds exceptional talent around her. Monica is often seen at industry events and conferences, providing expertise and insights in relation to topical subjects. A big player in the contact centre industry, well respected for not only what she does but how she does it.


Nick Smith – Vice President of Sales APAC of Calabrio

Nick Smith is the Vice President of Sales Asia Pacific for Calabrio, a leading global Workforce Engagement Management Provider. A seasoned sales professional, Nick has over a decade of experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry. He started his career in the UK as a resource planner before transitioning to work with vendors. His deep and practical understanding of the contact centre industry enables Nick to translate vendor speak for organisations as he supports them to identify opportunities for innovation and technology implementation. As the Head of the APAC sales organisation for Calabrio, Nick has seen great success in developing successful partnerships globally. He is now focused on driving growth in the APAC region and disrupting established players in the market. A strong advocate for optimising workforce engagement, Nick is committed to help organisations deliver exceptional results, challenging the status quo and pushing innovative design.


Steve Mitchinson – Director at Success Quadrants

Steve Mitchinson has more than 25 years active involvement in the contact centre industry, including terms as Director and Chairperson on the ATA and the Auscontact Board. Steve has successfully managed or consulted to a wide range of contact centres across all sectors delivering optimal outcomes across revenue, costs, technology investments, customer, and employee engagement. A senior executive for many years, Steve understands the strategic role contact centres play in a successful enterprise. Steve is heavily invested in the future of the industry; he provides guidance and support to senior leaders throughout the industry and has made extensive contributions throughout his time on the various boards and committees driving the association. Steve is a strategist who is well respected across the industry, he can often be seen speaking at industry events, providing insights, and thought leadership in relation to contact centres and customer experience. Steve has had a huge impact on the industry, he is a strategic and transformational leader, and continues to support industry growth and talent development through roles on community boards and committees.


Rod Jones – Founder & Director of Rod Jones Contact Centre Consulting

Rod Jones is a global contact centre industry leader, with more than 50 years spent invested in strengthening the industry. As the founder and CEO of his own contact centre consulting firm, Rod has supported organisations across the world to grow, innovate, develop and succeed in the industry. Based in South Africa, Rod has chaired and been on the board of contact centre associations, advisory boards including the global ISO Standards and the South African Standards committees. Delivering a global learning program masterclasses to more than 5,000 delegates across the world, Rod is committed to the ongoing development of the contact centre industry. He is a certified contact centre assessor for Snapshotz assessment and auditing, and delivers contact centre seminars covering best practice to a global audience. Rod can be seen speaking at global contact centre events, discussing trends, best practice, and the future direction of the industry.


Shelley Flett – Owner of  Shelley Flett Pty

Shelley Flett is a published author, leadership coach, professional speaker and industry powerhouse. With more than 20 years’ experience within the contact centre industry, Shelley saw a gap in the ongoing leadership development of emerging talent. Using her experience and knowledge, Shelley works with leaders and teams to increase productivity, enhance staff retention and engagement, boost satisfaction and advocate for change. An authentic leader, Shelley continues to foster growth and development across the industry. With two successful books under her belt, Shelley is a sought-after speaker, presenter, and commentator. Shelley has built highly effective leadership programs that she now delivers throughout the country, helping organisations develop the next generation of successful people leaders. Shelley is invested in the contact centre and customer experience industry, she continues to build programs that are relevant, current and hard hitting. Generous with her time, Shelley mentors, guides and supports new and emerging leaders, giving back generously to the industry.


Michael Stelzer – Vice President, ANZ at Verint

Michael Stelzer is the Vice President at Verint. He has more than 25 years in the industry and is long regarded as an industry expert both in Australia and internationally. Michael supports organisations in Australia and New Zealand to develop enterprise-wide customer engagement platforms with the unique emphasis on both front and back-office optimisation initiatives. His ability to understand clients needs and translate technology options, sees Michael build lasting relationships with customers. Michael is a genuine, passionate executive who is committed to supporting organisations to optimise their use of technology, enhancing their CX across the enterprise.


Adele Sheers – Director, Sales and Marketing at Datacom

Adele Sheers is the Director, Sales and Marketing at Datacom. With more than 25 years in the business, Adele is an experienced senior leader across both sales and marketing streams. With an exceptional track record including major transformation programs, strategy and new business formation, Adele is a results-oriented and customer-focused executive. Adele is focused on building strength and investing in people; mentoring, coaching and guiding emerging talent across the industry. A strong commitment to strengthening the entire industry not just her organisation, Adele can be seen regularly presenting at industry events, conferences and speaking on panels. A strong, people focused change leader, Adele influences at all levels of the industry. Her leadership style creates a balanced, inclusive, and collaborative environment where people thrive, develop and succeed. Generous with sharing her expertise, Adele is a strong advocate for the contact centre and customer experience industry.


Michael Dart – Executive General Manager at Energy Queensland

Michael Dart is the Executive General Manager, Customer for Energy Queensland. An experienced executive leader, experienced board member, and community contributor, Michael leads the largest network customer operations centre in Australia. Michaels’ experience leading large service delivery functions spans more than 25 years and his leadership style has enriched, empowered, and lifted performance across the board. Michael sets the strategy for community, customer, and external affairs for the Energy Queensland group of companies, building a customer centric ethos across the brands. Michael is generous with his expertise, he is a community minded volunteer supporting the arts, business and environment sectors. An exceptional senior leader, making a difference across the industry.

Daniele Iezzi – General Manager Customer Service at Country Road Group

Daniele Iezzi is the General manager, Customer Service at Country Road Group. With more than 20 years in the customer service and contact centre industry, Daniele is on a self-proclaimed mission to redefine customer service from the traditional retail operating model into a seamless omnichannel conversational commerce experience powered by great people and enabled by AI. Daniele is an exceptional leader; he has extensive experience leading cultural, operational, and business changes that drive profitability and revenue. Experienced in transforming legacy contact centres into leading edge AI enabled revenue centres, Daniele builds integrated technology ecosystems that create frictionless customer experiences. A customer obsessed visionary, Daniele supports the contact centre across Australia. He is a sought-after public speaker, supports emerging talent through industry mentoring and coaching, looks for ways to collaborate with industry peers and is hyper-focused on optimising customer interactions. Daniele is an incredibly generous leader and an absolute asset to any organisation.


Martin Teasdale – Senior Director, Quality Experience at BPA Quality

Martin Teasdale is a seasoned contact centre professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is based in the UK and is the creator and host of the Get Out of Wrap podcast, the UK’s first podcast dedicated to the topic of contact centres. With contact centre industry experts in Australia and throughout Asia logging in to his podcast, Martin is well known throughout the industry. Martin works at BPA Quality, where he focuses on improving the quality of contact centres, he has launched a team leader community aimed at strengthening the skills and capabilities to support broader industry growth. Throughout his career, Martin has managed large contact centre operations in the UK, Istanbul, and Turkey, gaining extensive expertise in the field. He is now pioneering a new path in the industry with his podcast and focus on quality.


Brian Beveridge – CX Lead at Big Red Group

Brian Beveridge is the CX Lead at Big Red Group. A seasoned professional, Brian has been involved in the contact centre and customer experience industry for more than 25 years and is a well-respected professional. With a deep knowledge of contact centre operations, strategic leadership and a passion for customer excellence, Brian motivates his people to challenge and advocate on behalf of their customer. Brian is a vibrant and knowledgeable professional. He is an exceptional communicator and storyteller, has consistently delivered transformational change, bringing teams along with him with passion and engagement. Brian supports the contact centre industry; he provides coaching, mentoring and guidance to new talent, and can be seen supporting industry events both locally and nationally.


Mark Gallen – Director at TactiCall Recruitment

Mark Gallen is the Co-Founder and Director at TactiCall Recruitment. With more than 20 years’ experience specialising in contact centre and customer experience recruitment, Mark has a deep understanding of the industry and the labour market. Mark and the team have supported some of the biggest brands internationally and within Australia, across the public and private sector, building strategic recruitment plans that deliver significant results. TactiCall Recruitment has established long term partnerships with organisations due to the expertise and market reach of Mark and the team, with roles spanning customer service, sales, administration, claims and contact centre technical specialists. A strong record of success with sourcing and placing senior leaders in key organisational roles, Mark has continued to ensure the quality of candidates moving into strategic roles can drive the industry forward. A life Member of the Auscontact Association (formerly ATA), Mark is actively involved in supporting the industry through events, conferences, and special interest groups. With such a wealth of knowledge, Mark provides advice and support to organisations and industry leaders and continues to find ways to give back to the industry. A strong industry figure, well respected by everyone he deals with, Mark is one of the true gentlemen of the industry and would do anything to support its growth.


Craig McFadyen – Director at Learning Planet

Craig McFadyen is the Director of Learning Planet, and the Chair of the Contact Centre Network New Zealand. An industry expert with more than 30 years working in and around the industry, Craig continues to challenge the status quo and focus on strengthening the contact centre and customer experience industry. He has developed Learning Planet to be one of the most exciting eLearning options globally with a library of learning products. A career focussed on the people aspect of contact centres, Craig has an intimate understanding of ‘people power’ and helps organisations optimise their people to drive organisational results. As Chair of the CCNNZ, Craig dedicates time and expertise to build knowledge, opportunity, and results in the contact centre industry in NZ. A mentor, coach, and published author, Craig continues to make his mark in the industry.


Duncan Guy – General Manager, Customer at Baptistcare

Duncan Guy is the General Manager, Customer, at Baptistcare. A strategic and engaging leader with 20 years’ experience in senior roles, Duncan has created an exceptional sales strategy and culture in the dynamic health sector. With an analytical and strategic approach, Duncan uses data to design actionable insights to advance the competitive position of his organisation. A passionate customer experience champion, Duncan is committed to enhancing the delivery of services to his customers, supporting them to deliver a world class approach to individualised health care. Duncan is active within the industry, he is a well respected executive with a wealth of knowledge gained from across multiple organisations and industries. Duncan brings this together to support his people to grow and develop to reach their full potential.


Frances Quinn – Founder & CEO of Athena Consulting 

Frances Quinn is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Athena Consulting. With more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry, Frances is a well-respected professional who actively drives and enables the evolution of the customer contact industry. Frances provides strategic advisory and transformation support to organisations within the contact centre and customer experience industry, challenging them to grow and innovate. A successful learning and development professional, Frances supports the industry through the provision of strategic programs across the key contact centre functions. A sought after speaker, Frances is often seen presenting at industry conferences and key events, she is an entrepreneur, business developer and thought leader. Generous with her time, Frances gives back to emerging talent within the industry through mentoring and coaching; she has been an active Member of Auscontact committees before taking on roles on the Auscontact Board where she supported the industry for more than 5 years. A committed, respected professional, Frances has a passion for the industry that is contagious.


Michael Bradley – Regional Director, ANZ at Cognigy

Michael Bradley is the Regional Director, ANZ for Cognigy. A seasoned technology professional with over 15 years of experience in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, Michael has a deep understanding of the role that best-in-breed technologies can play in driving business success. With a passion for exploring emerging trends and staying ahead of the curve, Michael is a passionate advocate for great technology solutions that can support business growth and success. Michael has honed his expertise in everything from AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants to omni-channel communication and contact centre solutions. Michael builds a deep understanding of his customers, can translate and assess their business problems, before showcasing and discussing potential technical solutions. Michael is heavily invested in the contact centre industry, he will often be seen hosting webinars, speaking at conferences and industry events talking about the potential that contact centre technologies offer in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. A great guy to talk tech with – one to watch in the industry.


Dimitra Panagos – Senior Manager at AIA

Dimitra Panagos is the Senior Manager at AIA. With more than 15 years’ experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry, Dimitra is an exceptional people leader who fosters talent, motivates excellence, and delivers organisational outcomes. Dimitra is an experienced contact centre manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in business relationship management, risk management, customer service, coaching, and business process improvement, Dimitra challenges her team to identify opportunities to enhance and streamline the customer experience. Dimitra is a strong supporter of the contact centre industry, she is an active Member of the NSW Auscontact committee, and she supports local and national industry events. With a passion for fostering talent, Dimitra participates in industry award programs, judging and supporting our next generation of industry leaders. A people centric leader, Dimitra is an asset to any organisation.


Toby Ellis – Head of Customer Services at AMP

Toby Ellis is the Head of Customer Services for AMP. An internationally experienced people leader, Toby builds engaged and productive environments, where people are supported to develop. With more than 20 years’ experience in the customer experience and contact centre industry, Toby has a clear vision when it comes to building exceptional customer relationships. A background in sales and distribution, customer experience emerging technologies, telecommunications and enabling infrastructure, and transformation, Toby is passionate about finding ways to solve problems and business optimisation. A passionate leader, focused on building culture that supports success, Toby is generous with his knowledge and expertise, coaching, mentoring, and supporting emerging talent. Toby is a well-respected industry expert, sought after thought leader, and contributor to the contact centre industry.

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