The rise of AI in customer service: How NICE’s CXone platform is leading the way

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NICE, a leading provider of cloud based CX solutions, has announced that it has reached a significant milestone of one million agents and supervisors on its CXone platform. The news comes on the back of Gartner naming CXone one of the top CCaaS platforms in its latest market study.

The CXone platform incorporates AI, digital-first end-to-end journeys, and a cloud-native platform to improve customer experiences. NICE claims that its ‘next gen’ cloud CX platform, CXone, offers a complete CX platform, digital fluency, AI that is applicable to the entire application, smart self-service and AI outreach, and personalised customer journeys across multiple channels.

CXone is integrated with Open AI’s generative modeling infrastructure, which enhances self-service CX with human-like conversational experiences to assist a buyer’s journey. The platform also provides a fully integrated set of applications to ensure that customers have the best possible experience across all channels.

Barak Eilam, CEO of NICE, commented on the milestone, stating, “We are proud to report this significant milestone crossing one million agents using CXone, while continuing to deliver strong results, maintaining our market-leading position. Our profitable growth momentum allows us to continuously invest and drive innovation for our customers.”

The announcement of the milestone comes shortly after the release of NICE’s full-year 2022 financial results. The company reported a total revenue of $56.8 million, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. The headline gain was in cloud revenue, which increased by 26 percent to reach $358.9 million.

Eilam spoke about the opportunities now available to the company, stating that NICE is in the best competitive position in the industry, providing significant opportunities to capture a large and expanding market. These opportunities fall into four categories: cloud expansion in an under-penetrated enterprise market, accelerating demand for the complete platform as the market standard, the rise of AI, and the financial distress of competitors.

NICE has recently brokered a number of major deals, including an “eight-digit deal” with one of the biggest banks in Latin America, which implemented CXone to replace their on-premises systems from three separate vendors. A “multitude” of “seven-digit deals” was also signed with large insurance companies, prominent online banks, and energy companies, among others.

Looking ahead, NICE is expecting full-year 2023 non-GAAP total revenues to be around $2.35 billion with an eight percent growth following 2022.

NICE’s achievement of reaching one million agents and supervisors on its CXone platform is a significant milestone that reflects the company’s commitment to delivering innovative cloud based CX solutions. With the rise of AI and an under-penetrated enterprise market, NICE is well-positioned to capture a large and expanding market, and its recent major deals demonstrate its ability to provide customers with the best possible experience across all channels.

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