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Top 100 Influencers in The Contact Centre Industry: Next 20

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To pursue our series, we highlight 20 more individuals who have made significant contributions to the contact centre industry. We recognise their exceptional expertise and dedication to customer experience improvement, and believe they deserve recognition for their impact on the industry.


Anna Stokes – Director Global Product Management at Enghouse Interactive

Anna Stokes is the Director, Global Product Management for Enghouse Interactive and manages one of Enghouse’s eight contact centre portfolios. Anna has travelled extensively in ANZ and Asia, Europe, UK, and the Americas visiting customers and channel partners and learning how different organisations manage the challenges of CX delivery across the globe. With over 16 years in the telecommunications industry, managing contact centres, implementing product developments, and creating innovation in contact centre and mobile environments, Anna loves the challenge of meeting new industry needs with innovative technology and bringing this to the global contact centre market. An absolute industry powerhouse, strong problem solver, and strategic thinker, Anna has a deep understanding of the challenges faced within the CX environment from both the customer and organisation’s perspective. A strategic partner and well respected expert across the globe.

Brodie Gordon-Selkirk – CX Project Coordinator

Brodie Gordon-Selkirk is a highly skilled Project Coordinator of CX, with a proven track record of success in the industry. Having started his career as a Contact Centre Team Leader at Torrens University of Australia, he has risen through the ranks to become a leading professional in his field. Brodie is known for his ability to take project briefs from concept to delivery, combining design production, project management, and stakeholder collaboration to deliver outstanding results. He prioritises engagement and collaboration, working tirelessly to help his team achieve their goals. With his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, Brodie is a rising star in the industry. His passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, combined with his technical expertise, make him a valuable asset to any organisation.


Kate Allanby – General Manager at Dept Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Kate Allanby is the General Manager at Dept Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety in WA. With more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry spanning both the private and public sectors, Kate is a passionate and exciting people leader. Kate empowers her people, builds inclusive environments where curiosity and customer excellence is nurtured. Kate is generous with her knowledge and experience, she provides support and guidance to emerging leaders through mentoring and coaching and is involved in industry events across the region. An active committee Member of Auscontact, Kate is a leader who stands out in the industry.


Scott Tasker – National Contact Centre Manager at I-Med

Scott Tasker is the National Contact Centre Manager at I-Med Radiology Network. With more than 25 years’ experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry, Scott is a well-respected leader, with a reputation for delivering exceptional results. Scott has a deep understanding of the contact centre environment and uses this to drive results across an extensive network. A passion for process improvement and streamlining the customer experience, Scott is excited about the potential technology advancements that continue to emerge with industry application. Scott can often be seen presenting at key industry events, he supports local events and looks for ways to support emerging talent within the industry. An authentic and professional leader, Scott builds environments where people thrive.


Tom Dellas – Contact Centre Lead at University of NSW

Tom Dellas is the Contact Centre Lead at the University of NSW. A contact centre professional with more than 10 years’ experience within the industry, Tom is an exciting people leader. With a passion for problem solving, natural curiosity and a drive to improve the customer experience, Tom motivates his people to put the customer experience at the heart of what they do. An experienced strategist, Tom has crafted strategies to enhance the customer experience across all channels and touch points, has a deep understanding of customer and customer expectations. Tom builds inclusive environments, using a natural and authentic leadership style, his ability to coach, support, mentor and challenge is driving capability and positioning the industry with a new brand of future leaders. Highly skilled in all elements of the contact centre environment, Tom is one to watch within the industry.


Arthur Bobrow – Head of Customer Support at GoodHuman

Arthur Bobrow is the Head of Customer Care at the GoodHuman, a fast-growing start-up technology company, connecting Australian human services and NDIS organisations with frontline team members. Arthur is a customer service expert; he is passionate about providing exceptional experiences and creating teams who problem solve, and resolve customer problems. Arthur has extensive experience in the contact centre industry, and is known for his dedication to excellence and his capacity to empower his people and drive business improvement. A strong people leader, Arthur creates connections for his teams to organisational purpose, builds engagement and culture, whilst delivering exceptional organisational results. Arthur continues to invest in his team, supporting emerging talent, identifying opportunities and generously giving his time and industry knowledge to develop others. A great addition to any contact centre environment.


Jamie Romanin – Director, Webex Customer Experience Practice at Webex

Jamie Romanin is the Director, Webex Customer Experience Practice. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Jamie has successfully delivered growth for multi-national IT&T companies across Asia Pacific. With extensive leadership experience and technical expertise in cloud-based technologies, coupled with an in‐depth knowledge of multi‐tier channels and distribution networks, Jamie connects ways to use relationships, innovation and technology to shape and grow businesses. With a deep understanding of the customer experience and contact centre industries, Jamie is a strategic leader, with a passion for digital transformation and business optimisation. A strong partner in the technology environment, Jamie builds relationships that are authentic, purposeful and successful.


Fiona Keough – Founder & Director of FM Keough Consulting

Fiona Keough is an experienced Chief Executive Officer who has had a huge impact on the contact centre industry in Australia and internationally. A deep foundation of expertise, Fiona has supported the industry through her role as CEO of Auscontact for nearly a decade, where she has tirelessly advocated to increase the visibility and positioning of the contact centre within the community. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Fiona is considered a true thought leader and innovator. A sought-after public speaker, Fiona is a well-respected expert who has supported, mentored, and advised leaders across both the public and private sector. A passionate and strategic contributor, Fiona continues in the role of Company Secretary at Auscontact, with her involvement and contribution to the peak industry body going back to 2007 when she started on the NSW committee of the ATA. Fiona still provides advice and boutique consulting services within the industry. An industry stand-out.


Sue Ferguson – Director Enterprise at Service NSW

Sue Ferguson is the Director Enterprise at Service NSW. An experienced people and change leader with a strong background in service delivery including contact centres, sales, customer service, frontline areas in multiple industries. Sue has led the award winning contact centre team at Service NSW to win Contact Centre of the Year in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 for NSW and National winner for 2022. A huge supporter and leader within the contact centre industry, Sue is an exceptional leader who builds strong and empowered teams. Sue is a sought-after public speaker and is often seen at industry events where her insights challenge and delight audiences. Sue is invested in the leaders of tomorrow, she supports through coaching, mentoring and guidance, ensuring that the capabilities required in the industry are fostered and nurtured.


Luke Hutchinson – Director Student Experience at Tafe SA

Luke Hutchinson is the Director, Student Experience at TAFE SA. An experienced executive leader with more than 20 years working in the industry, Luke is an accomplished professional with a career that spans both the public and tertiary education sectors. Luke is a strong and impactful leader with a track record of delivering exceptional results, and motivating and inspiring his people. Luke has a passion for delivering public value through the provision of optimised customer service and education. He is a passionate advocate for the contact centre and customer experience industry and gives his expertise and knowledge generously to others. Luke is an innovator; he challenges and disrupts with the intention of driving stronger results. Luke has demonstrated his ability to provide leadership in the broader community, he sits on several boards and committees, supports the community with his expertise, and is committed to supporting growth around him. Luke is a leader to watch.

Robert Panozzo – Senior Manager, Contact Centre at Service NSW

Robert Panozzo is the Senior Manager, Contact Centre for Service NSW. A passionate advocate for the customer, with over 30 years’ experience in operations, relationship management, customer advocacy, telemarketing, marketing, and program management. Part of the award-winning contact centre team at Service NSW, Robert is a strong, thoughtful leader who inspires action and results in his teams. Robert has designed and implemented innovative service strategy, has built programs that deliver streamlined customer experience outcomes, and inspired a workforce to innovate and challenge with a view of improving outcomes. Generous with his time, Robert is invested in the development of his team; he builds inclusive environments where his people feel valued and respected. Robert supports industry events, celebrates the success of his team and is strong leader within the contact centre industry.


Mary Durkan – Head of Wagering & Media Customer Service Centre at Tabcorp

Mary Durkan is the Head of Wagering & Media Customer Service Centre at Tabcorp. A contact centre expert with more than 20 years’ experience in contact centre industry roles, Mary is a passionate and generous expert. Mary has worked in both the public and private sector, building industry strength and capability at every organisation. Mary has been a senior executive across the financial services, entertainment and the public service industries; her drive and ability to inspire others, sees her create highly productive, inclusive environments. Well-respected by all who have worked with her, Mary is a people centred leader who provides guidance and support to the emerging leaders within the industry. Mary is a highly regarded public speaker, she will often be seen speaking on expert panels, industry events and conferences. Mary gives back to the industry at every chance; she attends local industry events, supports talent as a judge on industry excellence programs, and has been involved as a committee Chair for the Auscontact Association. Passionate, committed and generous with her time, Mary is an exceptional contributor to the contact centre and customer experience industry in Australia.


Joshua Ellis – Head of Virtual Services and Technology at Relationships Australia

Joshua Ellis is the Head of Virtual Services (Contact Centre) and Technology at Relationships Australia. A contact centre expert with more than a decade of experience leading large teams and service delivery functions. Joshua is a senior Business and I.T leader who develops and delivers strategic programs, optimises digital delivery and builds a performance-based environment where his people thrive. A strong leader who empowers staff, Joshua has deep operational and technical skills that enable him to deliver large cross functional and transformational change within organisations. Joshua supports the industry more broadly, he supports emerging talent, gets involved in local networking and excellence programs and shares his experiences with others. A great team player, Joshua is a leader to watch.


Rod Netterfield – Director, Fractional Customer Experience at HUMIND

Rod Netterfield is the Director, Fractional Customer Experience at Humind. With more than 15 years’ experience leading customer experience strategies, Rod is a strong executive, partnering with organisations to translate customer insights into innovative business solutions. A well-respected though leader on customer experience, Rod challenges organisations to build a deep and personal understanding of their customer to enable reimagined, optimised customer experiences. Applying design and system thinking, Rod is helping organisations transform and remove complexities to ease and streamline the customer experience. With extensive expertise supporting strategy design, insight and research, through to implementation, Rod engages stakeholders, supporting them to better leverage customer data to inform decision making and propel initiatives forward. One to watch out for as he continues to partner with organisations to transform old school customer experiences.

Paul van Veenendaal – Managing Director at CSBA

Paul van Veenendaal is the Managing Director of CSBA. He is a customer experience expert; he helps organisations identify opportunities to improve their operations for their customers, their people, their community, and their stakeholders. With a robust methodology developed with experts in the fields of psychology, sociolinguistics, and sociology, Paul has created best-practice assessment tools, training and industry benchmarking programs. With success across the public and private sector, Paul is definitely the real deal when it comes to understanding customers, and identifying ways to deliver optimised service delivery. Paul is a well-respected industry leader, he is a sought-after thought leader, and challenges everyone to deliver greater customer experiences.


Carl Gribble – Director, Experience Design & Prompt Engineering at Evolut

Carl Gribble is the Director of Experience Design & Prompt Engineering at Evolut. He is a customer experience & design thinking specialist with more than 20 years’ experience leading teams in the design of campaigns, products & services. An award winning CX specialist, Carl has worked with some iconic Australian brands, supporting them to re-imagine the customer experience. An innovative disruptor, Carl is one to watch as the focus on customer experience continues to offer transformation pathways for organisations.


James Witcombe – Director at SMAART Recruitment

James Witcombe has been working in contact centre recruitment in Australia since 2005. A regular commentator and blogger about recruitment and contact centres, James is the author of the Contact Centre Best Practice Report and runs Australia’s largest Contact Centre Mentoring Program. James also sits as the Vice-Chair of the Victorian Council of the RCSA (the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry) and on the National Advisory Board for the Australian Customer Experience Association. James speaks regularly about recruitment at contact centre and CX events. Director of SMAART Recruitment and SMAART Contact Centre Consulting, James continues to challenge those in the industry to explore ways to thrive and grow in a dynamic environment.


Bette Safour – Contact Centre Manager at Teachers Mutual Bank

Bette Safour is the National Contact Centre Manager at Teachers Mutual Bank. Bette is a passionate leader with more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre industry. A well-respected leader, Bette supports her people, empowers them to grow, challenges them to improve, and rewards them when they succeed. Her focus on customer is contagious, she inspires others to keep the customer at the centre of their actions and decision making. An innovative change maker, Bette is always looking at ways to improve their service offer, looking at innovative ideas to improve process and drive change. Bette gives back to the industry, she participates in industry events, mentors, coaches, and supports talent, and is generous with her expertise.


Rachel O’Loughlin – Owner & CEO of Consultancy

Rachel O’Loughlin is a contact centre expert with more than 25 years’ experience in senior executive roles. Rachel runs her own consultancy where she works with clients to improve their approach to contact centre leadership, assisting them to create more successful relationships with their delivery partners. Rachel provides valuable insight and practical solutions, formed from her extensive industry experience leading and optimising global customer focused operations at scale. Rachel is passionate about the power of culture to focus and propel organisations to deliver excellent business outcomes. A generous leader, Rachel mentors, coaches and supports others to ensure capability continues to grow within the industry. A great partner to have on board.


Kirsty Hunter – Senior Director, Customer Experience Practice at Optus

Kirsty Hunter is the Senior Director, Customer Experience Practice at Optus. Kirsty has more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry, where her leadership has produced exceptional results. A people centred leader, Kirsty has invested in the development of others, fostering talent and future leaders. With experience across customer solution outsourcing, scaled onshore and offshore service operations and CX strategy, Kirsty offers deep expertise in leading businesses and people through operational and strategic change. An extremely generous leader, Kirsty is a natural collaborator and enabler. She empowers her people, builds inclusive cultures where people are valued. Kirsty is an exceptional executive, with a passion for people, driving optimised customer experiences, and challenging the status quo to drive innovative solutions to aged old problems. Kirsty can be seen speaking at key industry events, conferences and panels where she provides insightful thought leadership, and leverages her experience to help others.

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