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Top 100 Influencers in The Contact Centre Industry: Last 10

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We proudly present the last 10 outstanding individuals from our  series on the Top 100 Influencers in the Contact Centre Industry. These thought leaders have remarkable expertise and dedication. We acknowledge their impact on the industry and recognise their accomplishments.


William Forster – Group Customer Experience Lead at Dulux

William Forster is the Group Customer Experience Lead at Dulux. With a substantial track record of building and leading large, geographically dispersed teams in fast paced and fast-growing businesses, William has more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre and customer experience industry. Delivering sales and great customer experiences across multiple industries, William is an exceptional leader who can lead an operation directly or work with vendor/s to make things happen for customers and clients. A transformational leader who builds strong organisational culture, William brings his people on the journey, ensuring they are connected to the organisational strategy and goals. A strong people leader who believes that a happy and engaged team will actively contribute to the success of the organisation and deliver significantly better than expected results for the company, the customer and themselves. An asset to any organisation.

Jane Tyzack – Founding Director of Change Playbook

Jane Tyzack is the Founding Director of the Change Playbook. Jane is an executive leader who is passionate about creating meaningful change. With more than 20 years’ experience solving customer and business problems, Jane has a reputation for creating high-performing teams and exceptional customer experiences. Jane has led the creation of award-winning customer experiences that drive customer trust, value, and satisfaction. A lifelong learner, Jane supports emerging talent through coaching and mentoring, developing others to contribute to her passion for creating exceptional customer experiences. A great one to watch in the industry.


Tegan Judge – Group Services Manager (Travel) at NIB

Tegan Judge is the Group Services Manager (Travel) at NIB. Tegan has more than a decade experience in the customer service and contact centre industry and is a transformational leader. Heavily invested in the success of her people, Tegan is an incredibly generous leader who is focused on developing others through direct coaching, mentoring and support. Megan is an energetic, passionate force of nature; an innovative problem solver who influences and inspires those around her. Tegan gives back to the industry, she participates in industry events, supports excellence programs and celebrates success of peers, colleagues, and staff. Tegan leads with courage, passion, and determination. A leader to watch.


Tim Buzza – Chief Customer Officer of Attune

Tim Buzza is the Chief Customer Officer at Attune. Tim brings over 20 years’ of contact centre experience to the table, and now helps organisations explore the future of work by enabling emergent systems that improve employee wellbeing, productivity and organisational resilience. With a focus on flexibility, distributed and decentralised operating models, Tim is helping the industry reframe ways to build engagement, resilience and connections to the workplace. Tim is a well-respected expert, a sought-after public speaker, and an active member of the industry. Tim is on several industry boards, he is a transformative change agent, and looks to give back to the industry at every opportunity.


Craig Mendel – Senior Manager IT Customer Experience at Uniting

Craig Mendel is the Senior Manager, IT Customer Experience at Uniting. With over 20 years’ experience in and around contact centres and customer experience, Craig has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. A diversified and experienced business leader, Craig has a reputation for mobilising resources and managing projects to achieve strong organisational outcomes. Craig is a well-respected problem solver who combines his understanding of the service delivery environment with a passion for innovative technology to deliver improved useability and experience for the workforce.


Cate Hayes – Head of Contact Centres at Medibank

Cate Hayes is the Head of Contact Centres at Medibank. With more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, Cate is a highly respected expert who motivates performance, engages passion, and challenges people to do more than they think they are capable of. Cate supports new and emerging talent, focuses on ways to celebrate, and showcase success, whilst delivering strong performance outcomes. A well rounded industry leader, Cate continues to bring fresh thinking and new ideas into the environment.


Melissa van der Burgt – Head of Customer Experience Centres at Allianz Australia

Melissa van der Burgt is the Head of Customer Experience Centres at Allianz Australia. With more than 15 years’ experience building and leading high performing teams, Melissa is a resourceful, versatile and successful executive. Spanning across the private and public sector, Melissa has a proven track record transforming performance and delivering organisational results. A strong and successful leader, Melissa is invested in developing her teams, and provides support through mentoring and coaching. A talent for connecting, Melissa is a well-respected authentic leader, inspiring and motivating operational workforces. Melissa supports emerging talent, she shares her expertise and knowledge generously, and is a valued and effective senior executive.


Julie Bingham – General Manager, Member Engagement at Australian Retirement Trust

Julie Bingham is the General Manager, Member Engagement at Australian Retirement Trust. An experienced contact centre leader with more than 20 years’ experience, Julie is a strategic executive who brings value to any organisation. Julie has worked within the public and private sector where she has optimised large operations to deliver exceptional results. A generous leader, Julie is invested in her people, she provides support, challenge, and advice, pushing them to thrive. Julie gives back to the industry, she is often seen supporting industry events, and contributes locally and nationally. A well-respected executive leader, Julie empowers people to actively advocate for their customer, she is an innovative problem solver who is an asset to any organisation.


Matt Harvey – Manager, Communications Centre at Edith Cowan University

Matt Harvey is the Manager, Communications Centre at Edith Cowan University. Matt is an engaging, approachable, and passionate business leader who drives a high performance and develops an engaged culture. Matt creates well-functioning operating models, underpinned by lean processes and channel focused customer experience. A strong believer in coaching for success, Matt invests in the development of his people and supports their growth. Matt is invested in supporting the growth of the broader contact centre industry, he is a Member of the WA state Auscontact Committee, he attends and coordinates local events and is a well-respected industry expert. A leader to watch.


Catherine Veronesi – Manager of Customer Service at City of Sydney

Catherine Veronesi is the Manager of Customer Service at the City of Sydney. Catherine has over 20 years’ experience working in the industry, she is a well-respected customer service strategic and operational professional. Catherine has worked within the private and public sector, she empowers her people, is invested in their development, and pushes them to excel. Catherine has delivered large scale transformational change, channel shifts and strategic implementations at multiple organisations. Recognised as a highly successful people leader, her strength is in recognising talents and capabilities in others, and nurturing this to enable success. Catherine is a talented public speaker; she is a well regarded though leader and can often be seen speaking at industry events. A great contributor to the contact centre industry.

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