Creating a Motivating and Inspiring Workspace for Contact Centres

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Contact centres are renowned for having functionality over design. With as many people as possible within a contact centre environment, there are challenges for companies seeking to add a ‘little colour’ to the palette and create work environments conducive to employee happiness and fulfilment.

By Stacey Moran

The traditional contact centre environment can be monotonous and stressful for employees, leading to high turnover rates and decreased morale. As part of a greater overhaul of how contact centres operate, the focus on ‘living environments’ and employee comfort especially to lure agents back into the office has reached new heights.

To address this issue, many contact centres are now focusing on the interior design of their workspaces to create a motivating and inspiring environment that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction. Stacey Moran, a renowned interior designer from Moran Property Styling, shares her expert insights on how contact centres can transform their workplaces that employees love to be in.

Nature-Inspired Themes

Nature has a calming effect on the human mind, making it a popular theme in interior design. According to Stacey Moran, contact centres can incorporate natural elements such as plants, green walls, and warm wood accent colours to create a serene environment. A dedicated break room with green tones and wood elements can also provide a motivational and inspirational space for employees. “By bringing nature inside, you can create a relaxing and refreshing environment that can help reduce stress and increase productivity,” says Moran.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Contact centres can maximise the use of their space by creating multi-functional areas. This includes incorporating adjustable seating, standing desks and game areas that can be used for work, relaxation and leisure. This way, employees can switch between different activities, reducing boredom and monotony. Ms Moran suggests that “creating versatile spaces can enhance employee comfort and improve their overall experience at work. Interior café spaces can become office desks for example.”

Bold and Bright Colours

Bright and bold colours can bring life to a dull and monotonous workspace, creating a fun and energetic atmosphere. This can positively impact employee morale and motivation, making them more engaged and productive. “Colours such as yellow, orange, and green are associated with energy, creativity, and positivity, which can help boost employee performance,” says Ms Moran. However, she also advises that it’s important to balance the use of bold colours with neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the space.

Incorporating these types of spaces into contact centre design can also help to reduce stress and improve mental health, ultimately resulting in happier and more productive employees

Lounge Areas

Comfortable seating options such as sofas, armchairs, bean bags, and swings can provide a place for employees to take breaks and relax. These lounge areas can also be used for team building and socialising, fostering stronger relationships among co-workers. According to Ms Moran, “creating a comfortable and inviting lounge area can help employees de- stress and recharge, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and engagement.”


Collaborative Spaces

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of any workplace, and call centres are no exception. By creating spaces such as whiteboards, brainstorming walls, and huddle rooms, contact centres can encourage team building and collaboration among employees. This can lead to better problem-solving and increased efficiency. Moran suggests that “collaborative spaces can help employees feel more connected and valued, fostering a sense of community within the workplace.”


Game Zones

Providing dedicated areas for employees to play games during their breaks can help reduce stress and increase morale. Popular games such as table tennis, foosball or even golf can provide a fun and enjoyable environment for employees. According to Moran, “game zones can help employees relax and recharge, while also improving their cognitive skills and creativity.”


Wellness Areas

The fast-paced nature of contact centre work can be stressful and exhausting for employees, making it essential to provide spaces for them to recharge. This can include quiet rooms, meditation areas, or even yoga mats, where employees can take a break and focus on their well-being. “Investing in wellness areas shows that the company cares about the health and well-being of its employees, which can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty.”

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