Showcasing Excellence – The Power of Recognition

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Within the corporate world, award programs have become integral to employee engagement and retention. In a world filled with constant noise and relentless competition, the significance of recognition cannot be overstated. Employees who feel appreciated and recognised are more likely to stay committed to their organisations and strive for continuous improvement. In turn, this leads to increased productivity, innovation, and a positive work environment.

Recognition shows your people that their contributions matter and that you value their commitment to your organisation and your customers. Celebrating success is also a great way to disrupt the standard operating rhythm which can often feel unrelenting, providing a great opportunity for all employees to feel a part of something other than long days, full workloads, and challenging customer interactions.

The 2023 Auscontact Excellence Awards showcased exceptional talent from organisations across every vertical throughout the country. Regardless of the size of the contact centre or organisation, these awards were an opportunity to publicly recognise the outstanding efforts of your people through individual categories, and team success through organisational categories.

The categories for the individual awards, allowed every role within the contact centre environment to be celebrated; customer facing, support, leadership, and other behind the scenes roles which are crucial to the success of the operation. The organisational categories showcased key programs that matter in our challenging environment across an employee and customer experience lens.

What we saw throughout the program was nothing short of exceptional. The depth of talent, the commitment to customer, leadership focused on building capability in others, and organisations invested deeply in the health and wellbeing of their people.

As we navigate the challenges of our fast-paced world, let us not forget the importance of recognition. Recognition serves as a reminder that our efforts matter, that the hard work is worth it because as humans, validation, and recognition makes a difference. In the grand tapestry of human achievement, awards programs contribute to creating a culture of excellence, motivation, and inspiration.

Congratulations to all our nominees, finalists, and winners this year in the 2023 Auscontact National Excellence Program. You are all making a difference within your organisation and we can’t wait to see you continue to positively impact your peers, your organisation, and your customers.

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